The Last of us
The Last of us
The Last of us

Special care of First Home Buyers

We take special care of First Home Buyers and educate them step by step throughout the entire home buying and loan raising process. We  also advise them how to manage their loan accounts &  pay off the loan faster saving in interest cost.

Business & Commercial Loans Made Easy

We are Business and Commercial Loan experts. Entrust this job to us and we will bring you best loan offers which match your specific needs. We structure your loan repayments  to suites your cash flow and budget. No loan is too big or too small for us. 

Becoming Debt Free Faster

As your Financial Adviser, our relationship with you is  ongoing. We advise you on every step and focus on saving your money. We analyse your income & expenses and whenever needed, restructure your loan and repayments so as to save on interest cost and make you pay off loan much faster.

Better Insurance Covers at affordable premiums

A happy life can take an adverse turn any moment. Securing yourself and your loved ones from such unforsen risks is must. As Financial Advisers, we can advise you on and arrange suitable isnurance covers with affordable premiums as per your budget that will protect you and your loved ones. That is not all. We help you at claims time also.

Mortgage Restructuring

Mortgage Restructuring is not a cumbersome process but involves a bit of common sense with understanding of how mortgage repayment works. It simply involves splitting your home loan in suitable combination of fixed and floating interest rates loans. Then depending on your repayment capacity choose the term over which fixed loan is to be paid, set up repayment amounts so that mortgage is paid much earlier than the standard 30 years and become debt free faster.
 It may appear quite confusing to you, But  as Financial Advisers for last thirteen years, we are experts and we have been doing it on regular basis, helping our clients cutting off years on their mortgage term. Talk to us. We can do for you as well without any obligation. 

Reliance Financial Solutions Limited arranged our home loan at most competitive terms. They also advised us about our insurance needs and arranged our life, trauma and mortgage protection insurance. They advised and explained to us at every step of home buying process and made our entire home buying exercise a pleasant and learning exercise. On top of it they structured our loan in such a manner so that we can pay it faster as per our income.
Our experience with Reliance Finance has been most satisfying. Even now after few months of settlement, we never feel alone. Reliance Finance is always with us whenever we need their advice and want to discuss anything.
The most amazing thing was their attitude of keeping my interest first. I am normally busy during my normal working hours and weekdays, but working with them was easy and both the advisers were available to discuss even after hours and on weekends, which I really appreciate throughout the process

Nitin & Sweeti Hamilton
September 2018

We were paying very high interest rate and most of our loans were commercial with our previous bank who did not bother to change despite of repeated requests. On the recommendations of our accountant, we contacted Reliance Finance Solutions, who examined our entire financial situations and refinanced us to another bank with most of loan on our home, better interest rates on commercial and restricted our repayments so as to suite our income.

Prakash Patel
September 2015

We wanted to subdivide our property and build a new house. Our own bank declined our application and then another bank declined. We then approached Reliance Finance who examined our situation and advised us how to manage and contain our debt before approaching another bank. They moved our application to a third bank and we were over the moon when loan approval came.
It was like a dream coming true to us.

Walter and Nazma Mulhaupt
10 October 2015